A Report of Sports Day on Tamagotchi Planet – An Event in Odaiba in “Golden Week”

There are many public holidays in Japan in late April to early May. If you add weekends to 29 April, 3, 4, 5 May, holidays last strait for almost one week. So it is called Golden WeekMusic, dances, performances and discounts are everywhere to attract people in Golden Week.

LaLaport Toyosu, a shopping center in the cool bay side district of Odaiba, had a lot of events. Lego, musicians, penguins, anime songs, Gachapin, craft people, wrestlers, super heroes, etc, came. Ferries around Odaiba stop at LaLaport Toyosu, so many people come here although it is not located at the center of Odaiba district.

One of the events was this tamagotchi event on 2 & 3 May. I’ve reported Tamagotchi Anniversary Event in Odaiba last November, and again the tamagotchi event was held in Odaiba in spring.

…It’s about my hobbies, so I’m excited whichever you are interested or not!

The event is titled Sports Day on Tamagotchi Planet. Some schools (including my elementary, junior high and high school) hold a sports day in the season of fresh green in Japan.
So tamagotchis were so fresh in spring!

Sports Day on Tamagotchi Planet


There were some stages. Team Red and Team White of tamagotchis enjoy the sports day.

Tamagotchi Sports Day Stage

Team White won! After the stage performance, children took photos with tamagotchis.

I was so surprised that the designs of LaLaport Toyosu were so cool. The building features ships and decks.

I used to believe that Omotesando Hills in Harajuku is the coolest shopping center in Japan, but I learned that there are some competitors!

The inside was light, modern and had many shops. I don’t think it is a shopping center that is on every guidebook, but it must be an interesting place. Actually, part of Tsukiji Market is going to move Toyosu, so LaLaport Toyosu may become well-known more or less. I feel it’s cool enough!

Anyone can join the stamp collecting for free. (It’s called “stamp rally.” I suppose it’s Japanese-English. There are often this kind of event in Japan in a high season. In many cases, it is held by a railway and you will collect stamps in many stations.)

I got the notebook and collected tamagotchi stamps all around the shopping center.

The stamps I collected around the shopping center

When I collect all, I can get an original sticker.

Tamagotchi Sports Day original stickers

I posted Bandai’s survey into this. Cute, isn’t it?

I wrote my favorite tamagotchi is Mimitchi. I hope Mimitchi will appear more!

5 May is Children’s Day in Japan.
That’s why many things were for children and I saw a lot of tamagotchi-loving children jumping and laughing.

I am a grownup now, but I feel that it is refreshing to go back to my childhood.
Love kawaii characters, love tamagotchi!

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