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The Easiest JR Train Route Map of Tokyo City in English

Did you know?

Many international travelers lost their way in Tokyo, one of the most massive cities in the world.
The most common transportation is trains in Tokyo, but the problem is that the route map is crazily complicated; There are hundreds of train stations on the ground and nearly 300 stations of subways.
Japanese people are shy, so they are not used to welcoming new people from foreign countries.
Once international travelers leave their hotels, many people around them do not speak English or other foreign languages. There are not many leaflets, signs and maps which are friendly to international visitors. Many international tourists are staring at maps, some of which are written only in Japanese, in the city. It’s so annoying!
But this kind of trouble ends. 
Actually, Tokyo locals do not memorize the entire of the maps. Let’s organize the information. There is an order to understand Tokyo.
Look at the Easiest Train Route Map I made!
All the Explanations, Tips and a link to the complete map by Japan Railway are on the new page. Why not visit?
So, to understand Tokyo,
  1. Learn the hub stations such as Tokyo, Shinjuku, etc, and major trains such as JR Yamanote Line, first.
  2. Learn how to go from/to Narita or Haneda International Airport to/from Tokyo City.
  3. Look for the place(s) you want to visit in Tokyo. Many of Tokyo’s must-sees are on the major railroads such as JR Yamanote Line.
  4. If you don’t find your destinations on them, check out the nearest station of the place, the railway, then the connection to a major station. For example, if you are going to Odaiba, you can get on Yurikamome Line to Odaiba at Shimbashi Station where major trains stop. Or, it possibly means just that the district name is different from station names. For example, Ginza is the district between Tokyo station and the neighboring Yurakucho station.
Once you understand the outline of Tokyo maps, you can travel so freely like a local.
Simplifying tourist information of Tokyo for international travelers is one of the purposes of Tokyo Direct Guide/Diary.
The Easiest Subway Route Map is coming soon. It will include some of the most popular tourist attractions such as Asakusa, Tsukiji Market, Roppongi, etc, so don’t miss it!
Print out the Easiest Train Route Map, save time to stare at the crazy maps, and enjoy MORE of Tokyo!!

MORE to save time to struggle on Tokyo Maps

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4 thoughts on “The Easiest JR Train Route Map of Tokyo City in English

  • I'm not surprised people get lost in Tokyo – it's a LOT bigger than any other city I've been in!! But your instructions make it sound easy – almost!!

    • Seriously it's a problem for international independent travelers. The government finally realized it and start to TRY to provide information. I really hope that my instructions help people with their better trip.
      See my sites and ask me!

  • Thanks for the explanation! I was having a tough time myself to get some orientation for the metro system. After getting lost a few times I somehow worked it out 😀

    • Hi! Yeah, the metro system is very complicated as well, so I'm making the easiest subway maps at this moment. When I complete them, I'll tell you as I did in this post.

      I'm very happy to share your stories in Tokyo and to learn that my explanation will be helpful. Thanks!!


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