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Cherry Trees’ Fall Foliage – another aspect of Japanese sakura

Did you know?
Cherry trees have fall leaves.It’s Ueno Park in early November. See it? The cherry trees are a bit red. Compare with the same place with full-blooming cherry blossoms.

They haven’t turned red fully yet, but the path is a bit colored.
Not as bright red as maple leaves, cherry trees has another aspect in autumn. Now you know a tip about cherry blossoms!
If you hope to see cherry blossoms blooming in autumn, go to one of Tokyo’s Japanese Gardens such as Kyu-Shiba-Rikyu Gardens in Hamamatsucho or the large Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.

Tokyo National Museum with old Japanese treasures is over there, and fall leaves are coming in Ueno Park. And the flowers in the fountain were for a lighting event taken place from 31 Octber to 3 November. Maybe it will be held next year again.

Well, next post will be about Hiraizumi, a world heritage site. Finally.
See you soon!

2 thoughts on “Cherry Trees’ Fall Foliage – another aspect of Japanese sakura

  • One day I will see the cherry blossom! I hope it is RED for me!! Thank you, my friend – your pictures are lovely!

    • Thanks, Red!
      See cherry blossoms on Flickr or this blog until the day you visit Tokyo! I wish good luck!


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