The National Art Center Tokyo: An Art Museum in Roppongi – its architecture, cafe & interesting photo spots

Visiting The National Art Center Tokyo is one of “things to do” in Roppongi district.
This art museum is named, “New National Museum” in Japanese. Built in 2006, it is far newer than the museums in Ueno.
Not only its exhibitions, the architecture is very artistic. Just strolling there, you will find many interesting, exciting things.

The building of National Art Center Tokyo in Roppongi
There are two big exhibitions now, so there were so many visitors.
World-famous paintings came from Orsay and Kunsthaus Zürich to Tokyo!
I enjoyed both, but today’s topic is about the architecture. (And a cafe.)
This is the entrance. You see how curvy the building is. It was designed by Kisho Kurokawa, a Japanese architect, and Nihon Sekkei, Inc.
The entrance of National Art Center

The building has one basement floor and one ceiling although it has 4 floors including B1. We can see the 3rd floor from the ground floor. The opposite is also true.
In this photo, the 3rd floor is Restaurant Brasserie Paul Bocuse Le Musee. The 3rd floor side of the cone is actually larger than that of the ground floor. It is NOT because of perspective. Amazing, isn’t it?

The front side of the building is all windows, so the inside is light.
The straight and winding shadows are very beautiful.

Seasonal chestnut cake. It tasted so beautiful. But I have one more cake I wanted to try but was sold-out…

Salon de The Rond
11:00-18:00 (Fri 11:00-19:00)
Cake Set 1200 yen + tax

The winding windows and shadows are arts.
I took this dizzy photo from the 3rd floor.
It is straight in some way. Can you find it?

And the last photo on this blog is the entrance looked up.
You see the red ring in that dizzy photo and this is it just under it.

These are just part of interesting photos in The National Art Center Tokyo.
Find your favorite photo spots in The National Art Center Tokyo!

The National Art Center Tokyo

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 18:00 (Fridays 10:00-20:00) Last admission is 30 minutes before closing.
Closed on Tuesdays, the year-end through the New Year’s holidays
Naissance de l’Impressionnisme : La liberté de peindre. Collections du musée d’Orsay
 (The Birth of Impressionism – Freedom in Painting: Masterpieces from the Musée d’Orsay)
9 July – 20 October, 2014
Masterpieces from the Kunsthaus Zürich
25 September – 15 December, 2014

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