Oktober Fest IN TOKYO – German beer, foods & music event

What do you think this photo is?
An open-air live concert stage. Maybe from Germany.
You are right.
But what I’d like to show you is the entire of this event.
It is Oktober Fest!
Its origin is that citizens in Munich, Germany, celebrated the prince’s marriage in 1810. Today, Oktober Fest is one of the biggest festivals in the world. 6.4 million people enjoy beer, foods, music, roller coasters and other attractions.
It’s a story in Germany, but there is Oktober Fest in Tokyo as well. It is not a festival with history here, but it is a popular foodie event where we can have German foods and beer. It is supported by German federal government, so we explore a little of genuine Germany.
I hope to share Oktober Fest in Hibiya Park, a large and beautiful park just next to Imperial Hotel Tokyo, in September.
Fresh beer of the year come to Japan. It’s a great chance to try German beer!
There were so many kinds. This is mine. Cool!
You need a 1000 yen deposit for the glass, but it will be back when you return the glass.
Food and beer stands surrounded visitors. You know I like eating and I had a lot! My personal favorite is the German white sausages.
It was so Crowded, but it happens in Tokyo sometimes. At least, it’s far better than this crazy & funny story! And we are excited in places that many people gather and enjoy, aren’t we?
To get seats, I advise you to arrive earlier than you want.
So many people enjoy foods and beer
I enjoyed the festival and everyone else did!
If you are German visiting Tokyo, it might be interesting to see Germany in Japan. (I experienced it when I was in Sydney. Sometimes I thought, “Oh, it’s famous here!” and sometimes, “…Is this Japanese taste?!”)
And if you are not German, it’s a great opportunity to explore genuine German beer. Want to see Tokyo? Good! But it is one of Tokyo‘s aspects to be a hub of so many cultures.

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