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Jusanya Moon & Lunar Eclipse 2014, Tokyo, Japan

I wrote about Jusanya moon and its culture and occasionally there was a lunar eclipse on 8 October, so I hope to share the photos with you.

First, it’s Jusanya.

The clouds are artistic…

Cameras and eyes are different.
The sky was crystal clear after the typhoon, which made Jusanya moon even better than every autumn.

And the lunar eclipse.
The clouds were too easy-going on that evening, and when the eclipse was full for around one hour, they hide the moon completely!
So this is my best shot. (Something in the right is a part of a building.)

See how a lunar eclipse happens from this photo.
Yes, the shadow of the earth is on the moon!

Let’s be easy-going like clouds.
Don’t be pressured by people. Go your way. Life is sleepy and happy.

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