Fall Leaves Forecast 2014 (& full moon of Jusanya)

Personally, autumn is the best season to visit Japan.
High and clear sky, sunny days, moderate temperature, autumn leaves….
In Japanese, it has been said, “Autumn for arts,” “Autumn for sports” and  “Autumn for foods” since old times.

Red maple leaves in autumn

This photo is from Hiraizumi, a very beautiful world heritage site in Northern Japan. I am going to write a post later about my visit some years ago.
Maple leaves turn to red, maidenhair trees become yellow, so very colorful.

Well, today’s topic is Autumn Color Forecast of 2014.

According to Japan Meteorological Agency, autumn color will come a little late or late because it was warm in September.
In Tokyo, the peak will be on 30 November.

Leaves start to turn red or yellow from north and some cold places.
So autumn color has begun in Lake Towada (in Aomori Prefecture,) the hillside of Mt. Fuji, and Karuizawa (a highland in Nagano.)
It seems it is at the beginning and Lake Kawaguchi, the beautiful lake near Mt. Fuji, will hold Autumn Color Festival from 1 November to 24 November.

At Tokyo National Museum, its Japanese garden will be open for autumn color from 25 October to 7 December. (10:00 – 16:00)
When the forecast changes, I’ll inform you on the top page of Tokyo Direct Guide, so please keep checking through the share buttons and your favorite list.

It is 6th October today and…
A typhoon is hitting Tokyo at this moment!
So it is heavily raining, the winds are strong and some transportation is brought to a standstill.
I believe this will be the last typhoon of the year. October is quite late for a typhoon.

But if you unfortunately meet this typhoon, it’s too early to give up fine experiences in Japan.
Today is Jusanya, a full moon night (almost, actually) which has been celebrated like Jugoya.
By this evening, the typhoon leaves!
Jusanya is 18 September in the Lunar Calendar, the next full moon to Jugoya.
Full moon in autumn is bright and beautiful. Jusanya’s origin is not fixed clearly, but one explanation is that an emperor in the early 10th century praised the full moon so much at the moon-viewing party.
What will you do in autumn?
I have a lot of places to visit and I hope to share them with you on this blog!
Arts, activities, foods…
See you soon!

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