Tokyo Game Show 2014 Report (Part 1) – StreetPass, cosplayers, etc.

My report of Tokyo Game Show 2014 starts with my diary to visit it.

Makuhari Messe is located in a bay side district near Tokyo. Unfortunately it was not sunny, but the town makes us feel fine. (Tokyo Disney Resort is near.)

I arrived there at 10, when Game Show starts, but I had to wait around 40 minutes to enter. I have said many times that Tokyo is a very crowded city, so take it as a humor.

Square Enix screen and CAPCOM stage are neighboring. Don’t you think it’s so crowded?

So, if you have some specific games you want to try, go there first. I strongly recommend getting a map from Tokyo Game Show Official Website in advance.

As I wrote, Tokyo Game Show is cosplayers’ place as well. In cos-playing culture, there are habits that people take photos of cosplayers in costumes of characters. To avoid troubles about copy rights, publicity rights, etc, there are some rules to maintain cosplay events.

The following are the rules of 2014.

  1. Video-taping is strictly forbidden.
  2. Taking photos near aisles is forbidden.
  3. You have to obtain a permission from the cosplayer to take a photo of him or her before you do. Also, the backgrounds have to be walls to avoid taking photos of other visitors.
  4. When staff members think that your activities possibly come into troubles, they ask you to stop taking photos.
  5. It is forbidden to upload photos on websites and/or to selling them. If you intend to upload photos on your personal website, you have to obtain a permission from the cosplayer(s) on the photo.

You might feel they are strict. It is not strange to want more freedom for creativity. However, it has surely become serious troubles to take photos of cosplayers. Publicity rights are not joking matters in times with huge networks in the world. You might feel it from those rules that taking photos lead to crimes in the worst cases.

In my opinion, it is always very important to be respectful to other people. And also, with hard work of staff members and cosplayers, those problems are getting solved little by little. I wish circumstances will be better for cos-playing and other pop culture.

So, I talked to one of them. Honestly, I was so shy and nervous, but…

Nice Mario! I got a permission to upload this photo on this blog and left him the URL.Thank you, thank you very much for sharing your cosplay with us!
There is No-WiFi policy at the exhibition, except some areas. This is Red Plaza for Street Pass of Nintendo 3DS and other Wi Fi devices.

“Congrats! Welcomed 100 people in one day!”

When I saw this message, I was so pleased, I didn’t have any more regrets, so I went back home.I newly welcomed people from New York, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Hawaii of the US to Street Pass Mii Plaza. I also met ones from other states of America and Great Britain.

Moreover, my “Bravely Default” welcomed players from the US, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Singapore, etc.

In conclusion, Tokyo Game Show, where so many game fans gather, is a great chance for Street Pass. Not only international guests, Japanese visitors are from a lot of different prefectures. Your Street Pass Mii Plaza maps will develop so much as mine did!

The next post, Part 2, will be about… games. Quite important, of course.

Part 3 will be about maniac foods and other events at TGS.

See you again!

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