Tokyo Game Show 2014 (Part 3) – A food show in game show

This Part 3 is my last post about Tokyo Game Show 2014.

Tokyo Game Show has a Food Court, which is a great chance to experience some Japanese soul/junk foods.
It’s one of my souvenirs from TGS…

An egg. Yes.
You’ll ask, “What is it about?”
You’ll find it is so interesting when I break it.


See it?
It’s custard pudding in a genuine egg!!!

I failed to break it just the half, but it is not a big problem.
It’s quite easy to empty the egg and put the pudding on the dish because eggs have a film inside. It helps me with separate the pudding.

Put the syrup if you like.

Its taste was very rich and thick as the package read.
It’s one of the features of this pudding that there are no additional ingredients. Good for health.

You’ll ask, “How did they made it?” I had that question, too.
The answer is…

  1. Fix the egg on somewhere, not break, and spin and mix ONLY THE INSIDE.
  2. Boil it in low temperature.

Fantastic, it’s a science class! And that’s why no milk, no sugar.

Of course it is a good dessert, but I wondered there would be other ways to enjoy this pudding.
The taste is all egg, so this pudding is not sweet without the syrup. Plus, I felt just, just a bit sour in it. I believe there must be some other places where it goes very well. Part of appetizers, for example.

Tamago Marugoto Pudding
From Kitasaka Chicken  Yard in Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture
300 yen for 1

Well, Tokyo Game Show has a lot of events like lotteries (I got a Zelda file!), panels of game history, cosplayers, stages, etc. And this is the “Food Show.”

The food court at TGS – So many people and some are in costumes!

Local soul foods are popular in Japan now and some of them gathered in Tokyo Game Show 2014.

I tried two of them. One is that pudding from Awaji island, Hyogo Prefecture, and the other is this Fujinomiya fried noodle. You see, it is a town near Mt. Fuji.

Fujinomiya Yakisoba (= Fried Noodles)

This kind of fried noodle is all over Japan as a cheap, junk food, but many towns put their original ingredients, seasonings, etc. In Fujinomiya, the noodle is relatively thick and some dried bonito is on.
It might be hard to stand out from a lot of fried noodles in Japan, but anyway I liked it!
Soul foods are not at the center of tourist attractions. If you try it at TGS, you can proudly say to your friends, “Do you know this Fujinomiya fried noodle?”

There were many choices.

Akihabara Star Kebab.

Kanazawa (a cool northern city in central Japan) Curry Rice.

Tokyo soup fried chicken, beef tongue dog, and Awaji egg noodle, rice & pudding. (And a companion in cosplay…)

For those who don’t want to take a risk, Domino’s Pizza. They had TGS limited toppings.

Domino Pizza at TGS

I don’t know how it will be like in 2015, but remember that it can be a rare chance for soul foods.
Thank you for sharing & see you again in TGS!

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