The Easiest Guide of Tokyo Game Show – What, when, where is TGS?

Are you excited to wait for Tokyo Game Show? This is a practical guide for travelers to visit there.

What is Tokyo Game Show (TGS) ?

TGS, held by CESA, Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association, is one of World’s 3 Biggest video game exhibitions. (The other two are E3 in Los Angels, the USA, in May or June and Gamescom in Koln, Germany, in August)

It has 2 Business Days open for only people in video game industry and journalists, and then, 2 Public Days for everyone.

For video game fans, it is a great chance to try new games before they are on sale. For video game designers, it is also a chance to learn players’ impressions and opinions to develop the games.

It is known as a festival for cosplayers (people who are in video game characters’ costumes) as well. Every year they set some rules for cosplayers to avoid troubles, so if you are ready to cos-play, check them in the Official Website in English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

When is Tokyo Game Show?

Public Days are held in a weekend of every September. Business Days are on weekdays before Public Days.

Location of TGS

At Makuhari Messe since 1997, a large exhibition hall in Makuhari, a bay side town close to Tokyo City.

How to Get to Makuhari Messe

A 5 minutes walk from Kaihin-Makuhari station. You can’t miss it because there are staff members with signs to Makuhari Messe.

Then, how can I get to Kaihin Makuhari Station?

I advise you to go to Tokyo Station first. You can catch a Keiyo Line train to Kaihin Makuhari there. I think it’s the easiest way.

Open The Easiest JR Train Map of Tokyo by Tokyo Direct Guide to find how to get to Tokyo Station!

In case you are staying in Odaiba district, you don’t need to go to Tokyo Station. Take Rinkai Line to Shinkiba and change trains into Keiyo Line.


1000 yen for Advanced Ticket. Available until the day before the first public day. (In 2014, until 24:00, 19 Sep, Friday)

At Makuhari Messe on the day of your visit, it’s 1200 yen.

Have you booked a hotel?

A lot of visitors, including domestic and international journalists, gather in the district, so TGS warns in its official website every year that it becomes difficult to book a hotel near Makuhari Messe.

There are some business hotels, which are confortable enough at reasonable prices, for visitors to Makuhari Messe, Chiba Marine baseball Stadium, etc. Book a hotel as soon as possible if you want a good access to TGS. Every visitor is thinking the same thing at this moment!

Accommodation Advice

If you are too late, unfortunately, or you are looking for a convenient hotel to visit tourist attractions other than TGS as well, the following are my recommendations. I picked up convenient districts where JR Keiyo Line trains, including its rapid trains, stop.

1: Hotels near Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station is the central station where every train gather. Keiyo Line does not stop many tourist spots, but it does at Tokyo Station. Of course, it is very convenient to go anywhere in Tokyo. Large and beautiful Imperial Palace famous for cherry blossoms (sakura) is near as well.

29 minutes ride to Makuhari Messe. So, if you stay somewhere else, think of going to Tokyo Station first.

2: Hotels in Maihama or Shin-Urayasu, Tokyo Disney Resort Area

Did you know that Tokyo Disney Resort is located in the near area of MakuhariMaihama is the station of Disney Land and Shin-Urayasu is the next.

No matter which you just want a great access to TGS or you are going to Disney Resort, it is a great place to stay. 17 minutes ride from Maihama to Kaihin-Makuhari, 13 minutes from Shin-Urayasu.

Hope you enjoy TGS!


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