A Report of Football Pavilion of Brazilian Embassy in Tokyo

Are you excited at FIFA World Cup in Brazil?

Embassy of Brazil in Tokyo built Football Pavilion for friendship with Japanese people.
It is until 14 of July, when World Cup ends. (Until 14 because of time difference between Brazil and Japan. The Final is on 13 in Brazil.)
They hold events every day and offer some refreshments for visitors!

I visited there last weekend.

This pavilion was built by a Japanese Brazilian architect. And it is recyclable.

I had a small sandwich and a cup of passion fruit juice, which was Amazingly Delicious.
There was some books about Brazil. I browsed one about football, Brazilian star players, history and culture. Interesting… and I was impressed that Brazil had so many stars. I knew some of them, such as Lonaldo.
There wasn’t an event when I went there, but if you wish, you experience Bosa Nova concert, workshops, etc.
Football Pavilion Official Website: http://divulgtoquio.wix.com/pavilhao#!untitled/c210h

Something is on that door.

Darma, Japanese paper doll, in Brazilian Colors! (Red, normally.)
How international!
When people make a wish, they put one of its eyes. When the wish comes true, people put the other eye. I suppose the embassy people will do so if Brazil wins World Cup!

This is the map to Brazilian Embassy in Tokyo. To Gaien-mae Station, take Ginza Subway Line from Shibuya, Shimbashi, Ueno or somewhere.

Official Website

I remember some Brazilian friends.
I’ll visit Brazilian Day in Yoyogi Park in Harajuku on 19 & 20 July!
Good luck, Brazil!

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