One Sunday in Shibuya – Kabuki Actors’ parade

Weekends are better than weekdays if you want to meet something unexpected.
Events are scheduled on weekends to attract many people.
I went to Shibuya, one of the coolest districts in Tokyo, last Sunday. My purpose was Bunkamura (museums and concert halls.)
(cf: “Bunka” means “Culture” and “Mura” means “Village.”)
But I came across a Parade of Kabuki Actors just in front of Bunkamura!
6 Kabuki Actors were on rickshaws with the flags which their names are written.
Please Imagine from this photo I took just before the parade!
Tip: The English word “rickshaw” comes from the Japanese word “rikisha.”
After this moment, I saw the actors in summer kimono departed to the main street.

You might ask me, “Why don’t you upload the Actors’ photos? I want to see them!”
There is a reason.
It can be an invasion of their property right (publicity right) to upload faces and figures of actors (or people whose job are performing on TV, theaters, etc,) on a blog because they are able to get customers and make money from events and their own photos. It’s a legal problem.
Did you know that? Personally I wasn’t sure about that, so I searched it before I write this post. It depends on your country, so interested, Google it.
If you have a blog or something like that, let’s be careful of publicity rights!
Actually I’m not the type of person who knows tremendous number of actors and gossips, so I wasn’t sure who they were, but it is definitely lucky to meet up with such a parade.
I enjoyed Bunkamura, my main purpose, very much.
When I was on the way back in the Shibuya’s Super Crowded Scramble Crossing in front of the station, I felt it was a pretty good Sunday…
Shibuya is a cool district full of young and pop culture, shopping malls and amusement centers.

How to Get to Shibuya

Shibuya Station is one of the main stations in Tokyo with JR Yamanote Line, Saikyo Line, Shonan-Shinjuku Line, Ginza Subway Line, Hanzomon Subway Line, Fukutoshin Subway Line, Toyoko Line and Denentoshi Line. Whichever is OK to reach to Shibuya.
Tip: If confused with Tokyo’s spiderweb-like route map, learn JR Yamanote Line first. It will take you every main station in Tokyo.
Hopefully I’ll show you interesting things in Shibuya!

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