The Easiest Map to Tokyo Sumidagawa Youth Hostel in Asakusabashi

I turned pale when I went out of JR Asakusa-Bashi Station. (Not Asakusa. To go there, take Asakusa Subway Line. Just 2 stations.)
“I have come here!”
I’ll never forget the rainy day when I took TOEFL test (English ability exam) at a business school that I didn’t know. Although I had a map in my hand, I lost my way and I was late 2 HOURS! I am good at reading maps and going unknown places on my own, but this town crushed my pride…
….The test result? Don’t ask me.
Well, Asakusa-bashi is a district of locals, not a tourist attraction, but it is a unique town of manufacturers, family-owned companies and wholesalers. I had things to buy from one of them, so I was visiting there.
Most buildings there are relatively low and have 5 floors at the most. There are small buildings and houses in narrow streets without specific landmarks. That’s why many strangers (like me!) lose their way.
In Asakusa-bashi Station, there was a display like this…
A traditional Japanese doll, Japanese lantern, folding fans! (And Snoopy in Samurai Blue uniform. It was FIFA World Cup times!)
A Japanese doll manufacturer building is just in front of the station.
On my way, I found a sign of Tokyo Sumidagawa Youth Hostel. Some of you are staying at this hostel, aren’t you?
For you who possibly get lost, I added the route from Asakusa-bashi Station and some places which can be landmarks to Google Maps. You won’t lose your way with this map!

How about this?

Tip: Go as broad streets as possible and count the corners. Although there aren’t landmarks in this district, find some places as reminders. And you won’t get lost.

And the Link to Google Map for everyone who visits Asakusa-bashi or Ryogoku.

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Of course, I accomplished my aim to get cool guitar picks.
(The shop clerk said to me, “It must be hard for you to find this shop.” It wasn’t this time!)
One of them. World-famous PICKBOY‘s ebony pick.
If you are a music fan, you’ll see how fascinating ebony is.
It is good especially for low sounds. Great attacks to the strings. Hand-made one by one, there will never the same pick in the world. Cool, isn’t it?
Guitar picks are SMALL in both of piece and price.
It doesn’t become a big business and it is not very efficient for many music stores. So it is hard for guitarists in the world to get a great pick like this.
However, there are many who want them. And there is a manufacturer with Passion for Music. Now they export those picks to music stores in foreign countries.If you hope to go to their show room to get some, too, this is the map. Keep it!
Link to Google Map:
I am so happy to have some. Hope to show my feelings about it someday.

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