Ri Ri & Shin Shin: giant pandas in Tokyo

I dropped in at Ueno Zoo to meet Ri Ri & Shin Shin the giant pandas. They are definitely the most popular animals there. Whenever I go to Ueno, I am in the zoo without noticing.

…By the way, what images do you have about giant pandas? That’s the point.

Shin Shin in Ueno Zoo, Tokyo, Japan
Shin Shin in Ueno Zoo, Tokyo, Japan

It’s Shin Shin, the girl panda. Her lunch time was almost over, but I think you understand why I said they eat WILDLY. If you imagine giant pandas are just sweet, you’ll change your mind at the moment you see them!


Close Up!


I have seen many visitors who are saying, “I used to have a wrong image of giant pandas.”

But I am not saying that it is a disappointment AT ALL! Ri Ri and Shin Shin are loved by so many people because they go their way. And I am one of the fans, too.

Moreover, zoo is a place where we can learn the REAL life of animals. Considering this, it is a good thing to update the panda page in your brain!

Hope you’ll meet Ri Ri and Shin Shin soon!


Ueno Sightseeing Guide by Tokyo Direct Guide

(These photos were updated in August, 2016, instead of the old video because of the blog renewal.)


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