“Gorilla Relations” – Gorillas in Ueno Zoo, Tokyo, Japan

I think he thinks he is a human.

A gorilla living in Ueno Zoo, Tokyo, Japan

According to Ueno Zoo Gorilla Team, he wears it EVERY OTHER DAY.

The pattern of his shirt is My Melody. (Hello Kitty is not the only popular character of Sanrio.)

SO CUTE!!! That’s all right. He should go his way!

Last time I visited Ueno Park to write a post about cherry blossom information, unfortunately the gorillas weren’t on display because of some renovation…

There is one episode that made me feel that gorillas are so similar to humans.

Once, a girl gorilla moved from a zoo in West Japan to Ueno Zoo to make a boyfriend. Her zookeepers were happy to think that she would marry to a cool gorilla and become happy.

But things didn’t go as people thought. Ueno Zoo didn’t fit her. She didn’t have any friends and was always alone; Gorillas in Ueno Zoo had Ueno culture or something like that. In spite of good care from Gorilla Team, she became thin and thin. When her weight became half as ever, people decided to let her go back home. It was heartbreaking for her ex-keepers to see her so sick.

After she returned home, she became completely healthy with her beloved zookeepers. What’s more, she happily made a boyfriend!

Very human-like, isn’t it? As I wrote before, monkeys are close relatives of humans. “Gorilla relations” is complicated, but it’s relieving that she is happy now.

I have one more advice for him. Put your arms in the sleeves, and you’ll be almost a human!

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