Sochi Olympic Games Figure Skating (Ladies Single) Result!

Thank you so much, all the participants! I update all of you this time.
And these are the medallists. Congratulations!

GOLD: Adelina Sotnikova (Russia)

SILVER: Yuna Kim (South Korea)

BRONZE: Carolina Kostner (Italy)

4: Gracie Gold (USA)
5: Yulia Lipnitskaya (Russia)
6: Mao Asada (Japan)
7: Ashley Wagner (USA)
8: Akiko Suzuki (Japan)

9: Polina Edmunds (USA)
10: Mae Berenice Meite (France)
11: Valentina Marchei (Italy)
12: Kanako Murakamo (Japan)
13: Kaetlyn Osmond (Canada)
14: Zijun Li (China)
15: Kexin Zhang (China)
16: Haejin Kim (South Korea)
17: Gabrielle Daleman (Canada)
18: Nathalie Weinzierl (Germany)
19: Elene Gedevanishvili (Georgia)
20: Brooklee Han (Australia)
21: So Youn Park (South Korea)
22: Elizaveta Ukolova (Czech Repblic)
23: Anne Line Gjersem (Norway)
24: Nicole Rajicova (Slovakia)

Jenna Mccorkell (Great Britain)
Kerstin Frank (Austria)
Viktoria Helgesson (Sweden)
Natalia Popova (Ukraine)
Elena Glebova (Estonia)
Isadora Williams (Brazil)

I have too many comments in my mind to many skaters after this exciting competition. Only one post is not enough to say all because Figure Skating is an artistic sport. I’m writing about just several skaters’ performances here…

Carolina. For a long time I was waiting for it! I’d love to see your great performances at Grand Prix Series and World Championships, but you weren’t successful only at Olympic Games. Finally you did it! I was as happy as you! With classical music masterpieces, you were as beautiful as an ancient Roman sculpture!

Yuna, I don’t care the color of your medal. You are still a legend in my mind. Your performances at Sochi were astonishingly amazing, impressive and… perfect!

I’m not sure it’s a cultural difference between Korea and Japan, but I get surprised and attracted to see every press conference. For me, Yuna is very honest to journalists, even when her feeling is a negative one like “I was irritated that people didn’t understand me,” or something like that. (Most Japanese athletes express only mild comments like “Sometimes I had a trouble but people around me always supported me.”) Her personality like this is attractive as the World Champion and as one single individual.

Adios from figure skating and your life goes on. I read your profile on a Japanese figure skating magazine and you said Internet surfing is one of your hobbies… Are you reading this small individual owned blog!? I cannot say thank you more for your fantastic performances so far!

About Japanese skaters.

I had known Akiko Suzuki BEFORE she got the ticket to Vancouver and became a top skater. I’d see her skating in Japan Championships and feel that she had an attractive character because she tried most types of music and dances in her career.

Although your performances weren’t perfect for you, you can be proud of Rank 8. I was relieved to see you peaceful after this hard competition. I know you love skating so much! In the next next season of Vancouver, you said, “After my dream came true, I lost my aims to achieve in the last season.” My impression was, “It can’t be so! You looked so passionate in the last season!” Thank you for encouraging me and making me fell happy with your skating so far. Hope your brilliant future!

I fell Kanako Murakami is an athlete. Though she is a good dancer, she changed her program during this season because she thought her pop program didn’t fit her physically. I am not an athlete, so I feel that she has her own character in the different way from mine.

I don’t think your performances were as horrible as you think. Cheer up! Although it was not perfect, you did well. Mao and Akiko are retiring. You are the leader of Japanese figure skaters from now on. I’m always with you as a fan!

Sometimes I don’t feel Mao Asada likes skating; I suppose she kept skating just because she was so talented that she couldn’t retire. For example, when an interviewer once asked her in a relaxing interview before Exhibition Skating of NHK Trophy, “if you were reborn, what would you want to be and do?”, she answered, “I’ve been leading all-skating life since I was a little child, so I want to do something else.”

I know your result for Short Program (Rank 16 at that time) was heart-breaking for you. But you achieved the maximum recover in Free Skating. Good job at last!
You are leaving from figure skating now. Set yourself free from any pressure and do anything you really like. It is not necessary to be reborn to start things that someone really wants to do. (I’m happy to express myself by starting this blog!) I wish you start a brand new life happily!

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