Ri Ri & Shin Shin in Ueno Zoo and Giant Panda Cub in Washington D.C.

It is widely spread news that giant panda baby Bao Bao was born in National Zoo in Washington D.C. in the US in August, 2013. Bao Bao came out to the general public on 18th of January and became very popular.

With today’s new technologies, the zoo gives us her videos on You Tube and their own Panda Cam constantly. They easily crossed the sea and came to me in Japan!
More surprisingly, the Japanese TV news said that the moment of her debut to this world was broadcast.

It’s a bit strange to see the moment repeatedly, but it’s one of the advantages of movies…

People think pandas are sweet tender mild animals.
In Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, I have seen many people saying to friends and families, “I had a wrong image of pandas.”

Two giant pandas named Ri Ri & Shin Shin are living there. Using modest words, they are not quiet. Frankly, they eat and eat and eat so WILDLY!

The zoo announced in the spring in 2012 that Shin Shin ate half as bamboo leaves as usual, which shows some chances for babies. Unfortunately the baby passed away in a few days after his or her birth, but I feel fine and encouraged to see Ri Ri & Shin Shin healthy now.

If I were in Panda Team of Ueno Zoo and saw them eating half as usual, I’d be DEADLY WORRIED.
Shin Shin, Ri Ri, don’t care about times nor others. You don’t need to go on a diet. Being fine and healthy is your charm. You are popular because you go your way! Love you!

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