Tokyo Game Show 2014 Report (Part 2) – Square Enix booth, Title Lineup & DIVE IN

My report of Tokyo Game Show 2014 comes to Part 2. (Go to TGS 2014 Report Part 1: my experience, StreetPass, cosplayers, etc. for more topics.)
TGS 2014 Signboard

This time, I hope to share Square Enix booth with you. And the topics are;

  1. A List of SQEX Games that appeared at TGS 2014
  2. My Impressions and Opinions for the show
  3. About DIVEIN, SQEX Game Streaming Service coming this October, and the Future of Video Games

All right? Let’s go!

This photo is part of the booth. For playable demo of FF 0, people are waiting 90 minutes. Crowded and… exciting!

I got the catalog of Lineup for TGS 2014.

First, I made up a list of all the titles and services shown at TGS. (Some don’t have images.) (The dates to launch are in Japan.)

1. Square Enix Lineup for TGS 2014

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix-Limited Edition & Limited specialty(order by 2014/10/1)

2 Oct on sale, For PlayStation 3

FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS (with Limited Specialties)
18 Dec, 2014 on sale, For Nintendo 3DS

19 Mar, 2015 on sale, For PS4 & XBOX ONE


15 Jan, 2015 on sale, For PS Vita

Autumn 2014 on sale, For iPhone and Android

Spring 2015 on sale, For PS3 and PS4

Now on sale, For PC


Now on sale, For Nintendo 3DS

Winter 2014 – 2015, For Nintendo 3DS


13 Nov, 2014 on sale

Gunstringer Stratos
Now working, For game centers


16 Oct, 2014 on sale, For PS Vita
or CHAOS RINGS 3 for iPhone/Android

Coming this winter, For iPhone/Android

Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur
2014, For iPhone/Android

3594 E
Coming soon, For iPhone


23 Oct,2014 on sale, For PS3/PS4/X BOX ONE/XBOX 360


20 Nov, 2014 on sale, For PS4/X BOX ONE


22 Jan, 2015 on sale, For PS4/PS3/X BOX ONE

Cooking Mama: My Sweets Shop

6 Nov, 2014 on sale, For Nintendo 3DS

2. My Impressions and Opinions

29 titles and more announcements appeared on the big screen. I was looking it up for over 25 minutes.
The fact attracted my attention that 15 titles out of 29 are for iPhone, Android, and/or iPad.
What do you think of this?

One of the advantages of Apps for tablet devices is that they are quite cheap. Basically, they are free.
For gamers, especially fans of particular series such as FF, Apps enable them to take their favorites anywhere and anytime. App also becomes the entrance gates for non-gamers. They possibly find how fun video games are.

On the contrary, it sounds quite real that game fans say that video games are not resources. They want to sit and play a game to get absorbed in the world, not to kill time.
Moreover, many of those Apps are spin-offs of popular series, but it is not always good to expand the world because it becomes difficult to maintain its essences.

As far as I see it, it is not bad to provide a lot of entrances to games. The next task should be making high-quality games for video game platforms. When the times of casual and easy Apps come, the entire of gaming industry might change; I want highly-originated games as arts.

3. About DIVEIN: Square Enix Streaming Service & the Future of Games

Another important announcement is this DIVEIN, game streaming service of Square Enix.

Descriptions of DiveIn

DIVEIN is going to start in Japan on 9 October, 2014.
You need a smartphone or tablet, free App “DIVE IN Viewer” available at App Store or Google Play, Wi-Fi environment (more than 3Mbps recommended, 6Mbps for better graphics,) and SQEX account.
The titles launched at the beginning are “FF 13,” “FF 7” and “Season OF Mystery: The Cherry Blossom Murders.”
You can choose 3 days, 10 days, 30 days or 365 days to play. For example, 250 + tax yen for 3 days, 510 + tax for 10 days, 1250 + tax for 30 days, 1800 + tax for 365 days to play FF 13.
cf: The Rates of Exchange – between your currency and Japanese Yen
All the titles have 30 minutes free trial. More games are coming later.

This will surely be a resolution of our access to old titles. Video game platforms have changed rapidly. It was a problem that old games, such as FF 1 for Family Computer, were not available once the hardware becomes unavailable. DL services have been solving this problem and streaming service will another answer.
If the old title is good enough and does not need to be remaking, it won’t happen anymore that remade game destroys its original images.
Again, streaming service enables to play a high-quality games cheap.

However, it is true that some players want the object of the game, the software cartridge, etc. Just the data makes them uneasy.
Memories of playing the game is the essence of enjoyment of video games. When it becomes invisible, it is hard for humans to keep the memories without any visible reminders.

In my opinion, game streaming service has pros and cons, but both can be accepted. Video games had lacked its archives although they are published things as books, movies, etc. I welcome a new library for the future.

Thank you for reading and the next post will be Tokyo Game Show Report Part 3, which is about foods, maniac foods and other experiences at TGS!

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