A Report of Tokyo Headphone Festival 2014 Spring

I visited Tokyo Headphone Festival at Sun Plaza NAKANO last weekend.

Nakano Sunplaza
(A 1 minute walk from Nakano Station, which has JR Chuo Line and Sobu Line. Tokyo, Kanda and Shinjuku Station are convenient to catch these trains.)

It opened at 11:00 and I arrived 15 minutes earlier, but I had to wait in line.
Look, everyone is wearing headphones!
I saw from young students to veteran music fans. Some were listening to music with minor-brand headphones.

I finally entered at 11:30.

I really regret that I didn’t take my camera because some people took photos of new products…


There are 5 floors with more than 60 brands’ booths. (Not only headphones, there were some speakers and amplifiers.)
Of course, you can TRY the headphones that the makers are proud of!!
I saw music fans bringing iPhones or maniac music players. There are also some professional buyers from audio-related stores. Some of them are from foreign countries and they were negotiating in English.
Here are some of my recommendations.
I was so happy to meet DENON MUSIC MANIAC series again.
DENON is one of the most famous audio brand in the world and my daily-using headphone is DENON’s AH-C260. This brand has a wide range of products and MUSIC MANIAC series are the best of headphones I know.
The sounds are very clear and natural like live music. What surprises me is that MUSIC MANIAC AT-D7100 suits every kind of music, from orchestra to rock. I know people worry when paying this cost, but it really deserves to the price.DENON EXERCISE FREAK is another to recommend you.
Bluetooth, Washable and High-Quality Sound! I understand it is popular.

The coolest brand for me was…. B&O.
Talking about the design, Seeing is Believing. Go to Link?

I can confidently push its quality, of course.

My best encounter at the Festival was Final Audio.
I saw some visitors wearing Final Audio earphones and I tried some at their booth. Each inner ear headphones has highly originated characteristics and it strongly depends on the kind of music.
For example, I felt pretty good when listening to movie soundtracks through one of them, but when it turned to a rap music, I was about to scream!
But what I hope to tell you is their over-head type products.
Final Audio just launched over-head headphones last year and some haven’t been on sale yet. (I tried them there!)
They were so good-balanced, so I asked them how much they were. I thought they’d cost around $800, but the answer was around $500. I was so surprised at the reasonable price.

Let’s keep checking Final Audio.
It’s the benefit to visit Tokyo Headphone Festival… and this blog for you!

You missed this great an opportunity?
Tokyo Headphone Festival is held in Autumn as well.

Hope to meet you!

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