Capybara Family in Ueno Zoo Afterwards (and somehow STAP Cell topic)

I thought my next post would be a Lion video I took in Ueno Zoo, but it is cute animals again.
Mar and Rio the capybara kids have been growing.Let’s compare with them 3 month ago!

They are napping again. They are always napping.

But I have another short video today. It’s their lunch time!

Well, do you think Mar and Rio grew up? Became bigger?
When I compare, the standard should be Luna the Mother because adults don’t become big nor small. It’s the scientific way.

Talking about “scientific way,” STAP Cell problem is very hot now.
(Skip this for capybara video.)
STAP Cell is a cell which can become any part of a human body. Different from ES Cell and iPS Cell, it doesn’t have a danger to cause a cancer. It’s also deadly easy to make. So STAP Cells can save uncountable people.


RIKEN, Japan’s largest comprehensive research institution, is claiming that STAP Cell was completely a fiction of Unit Leader Obokata, who became a star with her paper in February. On the contrary, she insists that she did make STAP Cells more than 200 times and she just uploaded wrong photos on her paper on NATURE by mistake.

My impression is here.
What a childish quarrel it is!
Both of them are professional scientists of professional scientists, not a lazy student who copies and pastes Wikipedia on an essay and gets an F. It is impossible that they did not know how to write a scientific research paper.
This problem is so childish that it rather makes us feel that there must be something unreachable behind.
Power struggle is all in RIKEN and they made her a scapegoat? If so, scientists should have an ideal to help people. It is not a childish dream…
Or, it is like a mystery movie. Citizens don’t know but CIA is hiding a secret… or something like that.

(Updated on 9 May, 2014)
It seems that some visitors are interested in this matter, so I add some information. (Skip this for capybara video!)
RIKEN decided to abandon Obokata’s objection. They are going to keep researching this matter further.
And she is saying that she will bring it to court to cancel her dismissal in the future.

Ministry of Science is involved with this problem; it was possible that RIKEN would be the first institution of the new category of the ministry. If it came true, RIKEN would get a pile of money to pay excellent salaries to excellent scientists.
Some people agree with it because they think Japan should develop the environment of scientific researches by supporting scientists. Others are against it, saying that RIKEN has been an untrustworthy institute as a hotbed of government officials.
Anyway, STAP Cell problem took away the possibility.

Personally, I am relieved that people cooled down about this problem.
When I wrote this post on 10 April, I hated the circumstances that a serious problem like this became a scandal for Gossip Shows on TV.
Unit Leader Obokata used to speak like a young fashion model who denies a love affair. And mass media used to take pictures and videos like so.
At first, I thought mass media was responsible of it; they do anything to get more audience. I understand she was under a crazy situation shut in RIKEN for a month. However, it is also true that her press conference was not scientific at all. If she claims that she made more than 200 STAP Cells, she must show the evidence.
The worst case I know is that my mother’s friend believed a gossip show that said her male colleague was dumped by her, became jealous and tried to plunge her!

Still I do not know the truth of this problem. Or I can’t. The only thing I understand is that government officials of all ages and countries are people who are likely to try to satisfy their personal greed.
If you like conspiracy theories and I could joke about this problem, how about Illuminaty? (I recently saw this movie!)
(Above Updated on 9 May, 2014)

I didn’t think this post would be this long and serious.
It’s capybara kid’s lunch time!
And I don’t think the kids grew up a lot.


I don’t know it’s Mar or Rio, but it is not a big problem. So sweet.

Finally I’ll upload COOL animals in Ueno Zoo next time. Maybe lions.

See you next time!

cf: Kapibara-san (A Japanese popular character)

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